8 Low Cost Universities in Canada-An Ultimate Guide

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Learn some good options about the best low cost universities in Canada that may be your dream country. Because you can study in Canada even, your budget is less.

Certainly, Canada is filled with over 30 universities that offer outstanding opportunities for academic programs. The students look for high-quality, yet affordable education. So, when you look for universities in Canada, you may come across some that are highly expensive.

It may be a temptation for you to discover some cheap universities in Canada if you are an international student. Similarly, compared to the USA, UK, and Europe, Canada is a great alternative for students for pocket-friendly studies. Hence, below are some of the excellent choices that you could opt for.

Top low cost universities in Canada- A brief

In fact, some famous Canadian universities with the best education system display reasonable tuition fees for the foreign students. Thus, I have furnished eight options for you to study in Canada that may suit your budget.  


01. The University of Montreal

A top-rated academic institution in Quebec known for its affordability is the University of Montreal. Most importantly, the abbreviation for the university is Umontreal & Udem, so don’t get confused. UdeM is amongst the largest universities that is well known for its contemporary-built infrastructure.

The University of Montreal offers various programs and those are quite affordable for the overseas students. In addition, they also offer scholarships and funding. The good thing is that, at UdeM tuition fee starts from $7,304 CAD. However, you can get a better idea by exploring the university’s official site.

02. McGill University of Montreal

McGill University is one of Canada’s reputable universities that have made a place in students’ hearts around the globe. It wouldn’t be a surprise to know a high percentage of Ph.D. students graduating from this university.

So, would you like to learn precisely what the tuition fees are? Well, tuition fees may cost you about $23,988 to $59,697. Unlike housing and food in Montreal, it may range from $8,600 to $20,100.

However, the fees will fluctuate depending on which course you adopt at McGill. Moreover, the university also offers scholarships and financial aid to reduce your expenses.

03. UNBC (British Columbia)

UNBC (University of Northern British Columbia) is another amazing option for students who are seeking low cost universities in Canada.

So, the tuition fee at the UNBC for international students may cost around $38,946. However, every fee for each field may vary. Moreover, the other living expenses in northern BC will cost you around $3,225.

04. The University of Manitoba (UoM)

UoM is considered a treasure for its countless programs in all unique fields, such as kinesiology, agricultural, human ecology, and so on. The university has open doors to international students where they offer easy admission requiring minimum cost.

So if you want to move to Manitoba to study Arts at UoM, the undergraduate program would cost you around CAD $16,600. Otherwise, to study another subject, go through the University of Manitoba’s programs & cost page.

05. The Brandon University (BU)

Manitoba’s Brandon University (BU) is also in the top low-cost universities in Canada for students. The University mainly focuses on students and their future rather than aiming at the expensive academic fees.

Therefore, students having a low budget can also apply for financial loans. So, the tuition fee at BU varies regarding each subject. However, an average tuition fee costs nearly $33,000.

06. University of Guelph, Ontario (UoG)

No doubt Ontario fascinates international students for many reasons. So, if you want to experience new styles and unique ways, UoG is perfect for you. Because it guarantees to deliver mind-blowing experiences to its students along with reasonable tuition fees. Above all, the cost that you would have to consider for tuition fees is around $9,730 for undergraduate programs.

07. Canadian Mennonite University (CMU)

No doubt the CMU holds a strong position in offering low-cost educational support to international students. Through their enthusiastic learning approach and creative method, they inspire pupils to build their careers.

Side by side with the best learning approach, they also offer affordable undergraduate and postgraduate programs. For instance:

  • Undergraduate programs: $11,826.50, also
  • Postgraduate programs: $7,124.40 – $36,000.

08. USB- Université de Saint Boniface

A French-Canadian university in Manitoba that ranks among the cheapest universities in Canada for foreign students. Its amazing incentive encourages students to get enrolled and let their future boost. The program cost may differ depending on the subject, but an approximate cost ranges from $4,600 to $6,500 for undergraduate programs.

Which course is best in Canada?

Canada is famous for offering a diversity of existing and new programs. It is classified high in terms of the standard of education, so answering just one program wouldn’t do justice to it. In regards, here are the best fields that you can choose:

  • Finance,
  • Engineering,
  • Computer science,
  • Media studies, also
  • Health and medicine.

What are the names of low-cost universities in Toronto, Canada?

Toronto, the heart of Canada, is a highly peaceful province for international students. Although it is primarily industrialized, it offers several low-cost universities, making it one of the greatest towns for all students. Following are the names of low-cost universities that are extremely prestigious to study in:

  • Seneca-College of Applied Arts,
  • Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD),
  • GBC (George Brown College),
  • Humber College,
  • TU (Trent College),
  • RU (Ryerson University), also
  • YorkU (York University).

Is there any free university in Canada for international students?

Although Canada guarantees foreign students an enlivening student life, you acknowledge it is not necessary to have such chances for free education. Unlike, international students can study in Germany for free. To put it together, there are no universities that offer free academic programs for international students and for Canadian students. However, one way is to get a scholarship to avoid paying tuition fees.


In Canada, what is the minimum cost of studying?

In contrast to other competitive countries, Canada is very inexpensive for higher studies. At a minimum, the university tuition fee could cost around $20,000 to $30,000.

However, this is just an estimate and you will know the exact cost after you decide on the program you want to sign up for. Accommodation, food, and other basic expenditures will vary depending on your locality and personal demands, but CAD$15,000 per year is a typical figure you must keep in mind.

Which province in Canada has the cheapest university?

As Canada has low-cost universities all over its regions, it is quite difficult to specify just one. We have listed out some provinces that ensure the cheapest universities.

  • Newfoundland,
  • Saskatchewan,
  • New Brunswick,
  • Manitoba,
  • Prince Edward Island, also
  • Quebec.

Can Students study in Canadian universities in a low-budget?

Absolutely, Canada offers many colleges and universities keeping the financial expenses in mind. Whether you choose an undergraduate or a postgraduate program, it is now very easy to enroll in a top Canadian university with a low budget. Below are some of the many universities options that are highly budget-friendly:

  • RU (Ryerson University),
  • AU (Athabasca University),
  • UoR (University of Regina),
  • MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland),
  • USask (University of Saskatchewan),
  • RRU (Royal Roads University),
  • UWinnipeg (University of Winnipeg), also
  • UoT (University of Toronto).
What are top 6 lowest tuition fee colleges in Canada for Indians?

The tuition fees for international students in Canada vary depending on the institution, program, and province. It’s important to note that tuition fees can change over time, so it’s recommended to verify the latest information from the respective colleges or universities. However, I can provide you with information about some Canadian colleges that are generally considered to have lower tuition fees compared to others:
01. Fanshawe College: Located in Ontario, Fanshawe College is known for its competitive tuition fees and offers a wide range of programs.
02. St. Lawrence College: St. Lawrence College, also located in Ontario, is another institution that often has relatively lower tuition fees for international students.
03. Algonquin College: Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Algonquin College is recognized for its affordable tuition fees and offers various programs across different fields.
04. Cambrian College: Located in Sudbury, Ontario, Cambrian College is known for its affordable tuition fees and diverse program offerings.
05. Saskatchewan Polytechnic: This institution in Saskatchewan offers a range of programs at relatively lower tuition fees compared to some other provinces.
06. Northern Lights College: Situated in British Columbia, Northern Lights College is known for its lower tuition fees and offers various vocational and technical programs.


I hope by reading this article now you know about a few best low cost universities in Canada for international students. For sure, it is a dream for every student to study abroad on a budget. In reality, Canadian educational institutions show tremendous support to international students to develop their future.   


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