Full Scholarship at University of Toronto as International Students

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How an international student can get 100 percent scholarship from the university of Toronto let’s learn the complete details. The University of Toronto (utoronto) founded in 1827, one of the best universities in Canada and among the top 18 in the world.

The utoronto has over 1000 programs of study that you can choose from. So finding the right degree for you will not be a hard task. Also, there are multiple options available for international students. Therefore, in this article I am sharing some tips and strategies that you can use to get a 100 percent scholarship at uToronto. So let’s get into it.

University of Toronto Ranking (International)

University of Toronto Rank0317182226
Assessed byNational Taiwan UniversityU.S. News & World Report (2020)Times Higher Education – WUR (2020)Shanghai Ranking – ARWU (2021)QS – World University Ranking (2021)

Does a scholarship cover all expenses?

So if you are a prospective undergraduate student looking to start a course abroad usually it may cost you around about 50 to $60000 per year. If you are a Master’s student, the cost would be around $20000 per year, even in Canada.

The fee estimate does not include your living expenses, your books or other miscellaneous expenses that you may have. So the best way is to get a scholarship that covers all expenses of international students. Luckily, the University of Toronto in Canada offers the best scholarship to international students that covers all your education costs.

Full Scholarship at Toronto University

Most popular option at uToronto is the Lester B. Pearson scholarship for international students. As the name suggests, this scholarship aim to fund talented international students.

So if a student gets Pearson scholarship, it covers his/her tuition, books, incidental fees and even residence fee for 4 years of undergraduate studies. In reality, you get your degree for free and which is saving thousands of dollars right there for you. However, each year about 37 international students get Pearson scholarships.

Eligibility & Requirements

So, to be eligible for Lester B. Pearson scholarship at university of Toronto has listed out some very direct requirements the top 3 of which include:

  • Be an international student.
  • You must be in your final year of graduating high school.
  • You must be an incoming student looking to attend uToronto in the upcoming session.

The Pearson Scholarship is only available for undergrad degree program candidates. Also, you will need to be nominated or selected by your current secondary school in your home country.

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How to Apply?

Let’s talk about the application process because it’s a 3-step process which is fairly straightforward. It includes getting nominated by your high school, which is step number one.

If your school isn’t familiar with this whole nomination process, the University of Toronto also list out how you can do that. However, the tricky part of this is that each high school can only nominate one student to get this scholarship. So just your school recommending you for the scholarship shows how much faith they have in you as a student.

Second, you will need to fill out uToronto’s undergraduate application form, which is pretty much your standard undergrad application.

Third, once the University of Toronto received that nomination, then you can fill out the Pearson scholarship application form online.

How to write an essay for the University of Toronto Pearson scholarship?

In fact, the University of Toronto’s Pearson scholarship online application form is all about an essay that may change from year to year. So, they may ask the questions in application form such as,

  • Your academic objectives?
  • Your long-term goals?
  • Writing a letter of reference for yourself as a third person.
  • Describe a personal life experience.
  • If you are not awarded the Lester B. scholarship, what were your plans for the next 4 years and your family income?

Most importantly, answering these questions can get a little tricky and finding enough time to brainstorm. Also, the essay is the last step in the online application procedure, which cannot be done until the other steps are concluded.

International students at uToronto Canada

The Toronto University in Canada is hosting 24,691 international students from 164 countries around the globe. Moreover, the university has three campuses:

  • University of Toronto Mississauga Campus
  • Scarborough Campus
  • St. George Campus

Besides, there are 20,507 full-time undergrad international students studying various courses.

If you don’t get a Scholarship

Many international students have a dream to study in Canada, especially in the Toronto region. Aside from Pearson scholarship, students can enroll in various programs at the U of T by paying regular tuition fees. So, the University of Toronto fee structure for international students is:

  • $37,680 to $60,440 for Undergraduate Programs.
  • $24,960 to $67,160 approximately for graduate programs.

Importantly, the tuition fee amount depends on the program and generally it does not include accidental fees. In addition, tuition fees for international PhD students at the University of Toronto are the same as those for domestic students. That starts at $6,210, depending on the subject. 


What are fully funded scholarships?

Fully funded scholarships are scholarships where the students is guaranteed to have all of their tuition and living expenses paid for. Moreover, fully funded scholarships are also known as full-ride scholarships, and the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term ‘all-expenses-paid scholarships.
This includes tuition, housing, and other school-related expenses. The scholarships are funded by the university, not donors or the government.

Which Universities in Canada gives scholarships?

Most of the public universities in Canada provides financial assistance to the talented students. Thus, some of famous scholarships in Canada for international students are:
Canadian Millennium Scholarship: Offered by over 10 universities.
Ualberta (university of Alberta)
UBC (university of British Columbia)
Calgary University
Waterloo University (uwaterloo).

Does University of Toronto offers full scholarships?

Yes, most popular option is Pearson Scholarship that covers all the expenses of the Toronto University’s students. Although, it’s limited to 37 grants per year, also very competitive for international students.


The University of Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson scholarship, which is a fully funded, merit based scholarship. However, the only drawback is it accepts only undergraduate international students and limit to 37 only.

So, scholarships and financial aid play a huge role in determining whether you’re definitely going to university. But that’s secondary. Hence, the first thing that you need to focus on is actually your acceptance by this school.

If you focus on step number one, it is to get an approval from the University of Toronto. Starts all the way from building your profile and making sure that you have a wholesome application. So leave the secondary things to worry about and focus on the meeting first criteria to get Pearson Scholarship.

Finally, what you could do to improve your profile. So, the whole idea is to better your skill set for the degree that you’re applying to not just focus on whether one college will accept you.

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