12 Post-Graduate Diploma Courses in the USA for International Students

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If you are planning to study overseas, a Post-Graduate diploma in USA from a prestigious university can launch you into a successful career. Because, it brings new opportunities in the job market with handsome income, specifically for freshers.

The only thing a student needs is a bachelor’s degree to enroll in the certificate program. Moreover, it is also affordable in contrast to other programs such as a Master’s degree and so on. 

Furthermore, a PG diploma program in the United States is the best way to gain a skill and get a degree to explore a professional field.

The privileges of a diploma in the USA inspire many students. But the lack of knowledge of the admission process is a hindrance for many students.

So if you’re one of them, then don’t worry and heave a sigh of relief, because we’ll cover everything, eligibility criteria, jobs opportunity along with the recommendation for diploma courses in the US-Universities.

Eligibility for Post-graduate diploma in USA

These are the supporting documents & requirements, imperative to get admission to the American universities for a post-graduate diploma in USA. For instance:

  • Transcript of the Bachelor Degree,
  • Letter of Recommendation (from a US college/university),
  • English Proficiency Test result (IELTS/TOEFL),
  • Financial Documents, 
  • Statement of Purpose, 
  • Visa Documents, 
  • GRE/GMAT Test score, also
  • Resume.

Best PG Diploma Courses in the USA for International Students

Next, I have furnished 12 best Post Graduate diplomas in the USA for international students, so let’s have a glance one by one.


1. Business & Management

After getting into the Business and Management diploma course, a student learns about business, management strategies, and practical knowledge. Moreover, it opens the door to jobs opportunity in business management, human resources, finance, and so on.

Therefore, this post-graduate diploma in USA is the best investment for students who want to boost their careers.

Popular Universities: 

2. Diploma in Education

No one can deny the importance and need for a skilled teacher in society. Hence, PG Diploma in education is all about the training of teachers from learning classroom management to different techniques of teaching.

It is very easy for those doing PG diploma in Education to start a career as a teacher. Because there is constantly a great-demand for competent teachers so they get jobs easily.

Recommended Universities

03. Diploma in Banking & Finance 

The demand and hype for jobs in the banking sector never fade because of the handsome salary package and career growth. That’s the reason a post-graduate diploma in banking and finance always inspires to international students.

So, this diploma opens the gate related to the finance and banking job such as Financial Advisor, budget analyst, accountant, auditors, and more. Thus, because of its market demand, this is the best post-graduate diploma in USA opt by foreign students.

Famous Universities

04. Tourism & Hospitality Management

The economic development of a country mostly depends on the tourism industry. Every sector, from restaurants to tourism, needs someone having the expertise to manage the system and give a boost to the industry.

That’s where a diploma in tourism and hotel management comes into play. Students can learn a lot about tourism and its management from the US universities.

Recommended Universities for Post-graduate diploma in USA

05. Diploma in Project Management 

Every organization, from an NGO to Government services, needs a senior to operate all projects. Though managing multiple projects is a challenging task, but not for a project management diploma holder.

Because the knowledge and skills a student gains after enrolling in a project management course in an American university, help them operate multiple projects confidently and competitively in a business environment

Popular Universities

06. PG Diploma in Accounting

Managing the finance task of a company without an accountant is near to impossible. Each company or organization around the world needs experts and professional accountants for finance management.

Also, a postgraduate course in accounting form a university in United States prepares students for finance-related jobs. For example, as accountants, auditors, finance managers, and so on for different industries. 

Top Universities 

07. Diploma in Human Resource 

The human resource post-graduate certificate programs in the USA help students understand employee relations, benefits, labour law, etc. Moreover, the skills students develop in this course assist them when interviewing or training employees.

Therefore, PG diploma in HR is the best degree for international students who choose to study in USA. Because, it boost their career in the human resource management department.

Best Universities offering Post-graduate diploma in USA.

08. Diploma in Hotel Management 

The number of hotels worldwide is increasing day by day along with the competition. Almost all hotels want to provide excellent services to their customers, therefore, they need professionals who understand hotel management.

That’s the key advantage of enrolling in a hotel management diploma in the USA. Additionally, international students become experts in hotel management field once they get academic and practical learning. 

The Universities 

09. Diploma in Childhood Education

A postgraduate diploma in USA for childhood education is about learning techniques and strategies to teach and engage pre-school students. Anyone can get a job in schools, childcare centers, or work as a nanny after getting a diploma in childhood education

Recommended Universities 

10. Diploma in engineering management

From an America university, a postgraduate diploma in engineering management helps beginners and experienced engineers with a proficient option of a management degree.

This is how it has the potential to bring out the best in the engineers and make industry leaders in the future.

Recommended Universities:

11. Diploma in Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is the best marketing strategy out there. There are people on the internet who are looking for the products and services of your business. So this is the fast-growing field today.

 A US university’s post-graduate diploma in digital marketing can give you the proper knowledge required for management, social media and other digital platforms.

So, the students can learn promotion of the audio & videos, use of tools for digital marketing strategies, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Top Universities

12. PG Diploma in Business Administration 

At present, a postgraduate qualification in business administration has a lot of worth, especially if you have a degree from USA. Because many of the multinational companies are looking for the foreign qualified candidates.

Hence, the post-graduate diploma course in the USA will leave the students learned about market analysis, business finance and communication, etc. Also, it will allow studying the business models as well.

So, this will make them practically skilled, and it will open a wide range of career paths. Moreover, you can also gain knowledge about the modern corporate structure.

Famous Universities



In this article, I have tried to enlist all the most popular postgraduate diplomas courses in the USA for international students.

Undeniably, a diploma from USA universities can help anyone start a successful career. However, as an international student you must check the complete entry requirements set by the college or a university in United States. Because it is vital to know the importance of the courses and the eligibility criteria before applying.

Therefore, if you want to study in USA, chooses a university then go through the admission requirements on their official website. In addition, once you enroll in a post-graduate diploma in USA, check student visa complete information as well.


What are the requirements for a diploma in the USA?

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma Courses In USA
To study for a 1-year diploma in the USA, you must hold a high school pass qualification. If you are pursuing a PG Diploma, you require a bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA. Some programs may have additional prerequisites or specific admission requirements, such as English language exams for international students.

How to apply for a post-graduate diploma in the USA?

Requirements for international students applying for postgraduate courses in the USA.
Application form with all the basic information as asked.
English proficiency score(TOEFL/IELTS)
Standardized test scores(GRE/GMAT)
Personal statement describing academic interests, professional and personal goals, and relevant experience.

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