Diploma Courses in UK after 12th-All you need to know

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If you are planning to study abroad, there are multiple options of diploma courses in the UK after 12th that you can consider.

In fact, the United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for foreign students that extend globally recognized degrees. Hence, you can get many variations as there is a wide range of subjects offered in the UK and provide amazing global exposure.

Thus, with the help of our proper guidance, you could have a clear mind to take university decisions for diploma courses. To discover the opportunities waiting for you, So, let’s head over to gain complete information regarding short courses in UK 2021.

diplomas in UK after 12

Course options for diploma in the UK

In the UK, there are around 395 academic institutions that offer approximately 50,000 courses from different fields.

So, you have a range of preferences to opt from for diploma courses in UK after 12th. Above all, the most preferred subjects that international students usually go for are:

Business     Hospitality and TourismPharmacy
Marketing   PsychologyMedicine
Finance SociologyBiology
Management Graphic designBiotechnology
Economics Mass CommunicationMolecular Sciences
Law Photography  Chemistry
    EntrepreneurshipEnglish LiteratureCivil engineering
International relationsComputer scienceMechanical engineering
Advance Accounting Mathematics  Automotive engineering
n/an/aElectrical engineering

What are the top 4 universities to consider?

Many students prefer to study in London and England for their renowned quality of higher education and the best degrees. However, there are many other locations that also offer outstanding diploma courses in UK after 12th.

University of Essex, England

The University of Essex is one of the well-famous public research universities based in England. Its diversity of international education makes it dynamic out of all.

So, according to student reviews, it has been rated 4.2 stars which ensure an exceptional study experience. This university comprises short courses, foundation, bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

Economics9 months£5782
Diploma in Politics 9 months £5782
Mathematics9 months£5782
Diploma in Art History and Theory9 months£5782

International Career Institute, London

International Career Institute of London is a private distant educational provider. Its purpose is to develop new advancements and promote a career that suits you. Hence, you can go through the complete course list of ICI London on their site.

ICI lets you continue your studies at home and gain achievement in getting your desired job or establishing your business. It also offers employment help to graduates and payment plans for students that are without interest.

Forensics31 weeks  £1599  
Zoology1 year  £1599  
Diploma in Sales31 weeks  £1199  
Advertising24 weeks  £1199  
The list of a few popular courses at International career institute, London

Regent’s College, London

Regent’s College (RC) London is a top institution in leading an industry-related higher education. Moreover, The RC London shows great potential in actively promoting learning and growing a successful career for each student.

Above all, individuals studying here experience an exciting time and interaction throughout the teaching by the professionals.

Business Management2 years£8000 per year  
Accounting and Finance  2 years  £8000 per year  
Human Resource Management2 years  £8000 per year  
Diploma in Marketing2 years  £8000 per year

Kingsgate College, England

Kingsgate College is a well-known and reputed college for its finest education system. Also, they have a unique approach to learning, which makes this college competitive among others.

It offers both online and on-campus diploma courses, undergraduate and postgraduate graduate programs with equal potential. Consequently, it has a diverse community that enhances the experience of every student who studies here.

Hotel and Hospitality  13 months£12000
IT and Computing13 months£12000  
Health and Social Care13 months  £12000  
Education and Training  13-months£9000

Eligibility for diploma courses in UK after 12th

The eligibility criteria for undergraduate courses at British institutions depend on the programs and their levels. However, the basic and minimum requirements are:

●    You must be at least 16 years old.

●    At least 12-years of schooling is compulsory.

●    You should get at least 70% to 80% marks in 12th in science and commerce.

●    You require 60% in Humanities, in 12th grade, also

●    So, you should be proficient and fluent in the English language.

What are the documents needed?

In order to be accepted for a diploma course and a bachelor’s degree program, you must check the main requirements for admission. Also, here is a checklist of the important documents that you should have for a successful application:

●    You should have authentic copies of your 10th and 12th mark sheets.

●    Requirement of two academic reference letters.

●    Evidence of funds.

●    Certificates of IELTS and TOEFL.

●    Statement of Purpose (SOP), also

●    You should have a resume.

Application timeline and intakes

It is suggested to visit the website of your selected university and look up the application timeline. Because every university has a different application process and deadline regarding the programs. However, there are some common timelines that are chosen for international students.

●    Fall intake – From September to December.

●    Spring intake – From March to April. also

●    Winter intake – Only January.

Acknowledge that not all universities offer winter intake, so you need to search on their website if their winter intake is open for diploma courses of your desired program.

Application for UK Student Visa

To study diploma courses in UK after 12th, require a student visa. Thus, there are considerably 2 types of student visas available.

So, the first option is a General student visa for undergraduate courses. However, for diploma courses, you would have to choose a short-term student visa. Also, the application fee for short-term student visa costs £186 that lasts up to 11 months.

Application guidance

Here are the main requirements needed to apply for short-term student visa. For example;

  • A Letter of acceptance from a British Institution,
  • You are supposed to show enough money that you can afford your expenses,
  • Health insurance, also
  • A minimum IELTS score of 5.5 bands.

Can I study and work in UK?

So if you are a foreign student in United Kingdom, you can (conditionally) work according to the visa categories. For instance:

  • (General) student visa
  • (Child) student visa

General Student visa: Holders of UK’s general student visa may work for extra income. But, how many hours you can work depends on your course and other circumstances.

Student visa (Child): If you’re a student in the United Kingdom and your age is 16 or over, then you may work there:

(During the term) you can work up to 10 hours per week part time. You may work full time, but only during vacations.

Courses in UK


Can I study in UK after 12th?

The UK offers study opportunities after you complete 12th grade in your own country. In addition, British universities offer an array of undergraduate programs in commerce, science, arts and humanities.

Hence, if you are aspiring to move United Kingdom as a student, do research and choose the right universities.

From India, how much do studies in the UK cost?

In the United Kingdom, the estimated cost for an undergraduate program could be around 10,000 to 20,000 GBP per annum.

In fact, Indian students always compare UK’s study-cost to the rupees. Therefore, on an average, studying in the UK may cost to any Indian from INR-15 lakhs to 40-lakhs. However, the study cost in UK depending on the course or program, you may opt.

Which study-courses are the best after 12th in UK?

In reality, there are many best study course being offered by the British educational institutions.

However, it is observed that course falls under 3 fields of study are more famous among the international students. For instance:

  1. Arts & Humanities,
  2. Business & Commerce, also
  3. Science (Medical & others)

What is clearing for UK universities?

The clearing for UK universities is a process that is utilized to fill-up unoccupied seats in the British universities. In reality, the clearing process completes when UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) finishes its admission process.

In short. there are often some vacant seats in UK universities right after the regular admission cycle. Also, it is observed that many foreign students are unaware of the amazing option to get admission in UK’s universities.


So, to study diploma courses in UK after 12th, many top renowned universities offer different programs and foundation courses specially designed for international students. This prepares the students to continue undergraduate studies and further establish their careers in the UK.

Thus, by opting for diploma courses in UK, you may develop your future and making it bright. In addition, Universities in the UK have a lot to offer to international students in building their careers and giving them success ahead.

However, there may be quite a few rules and requirements that you need to fulfill before living the dream, but once you are cleared, you begin your journey to a successful life.

Hence, choosing to study diploma courses in UK after 12th opens many doors for you. With a variety of countless fields and subjects, you have so many opportunities to make your way through and win regardless of the obstacles.

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