Affordable Universities in USA for International Students-A Guide

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If you are in search of affordable universities in USA, you are on the right path. Because many American institutions welcome thousands of international students every year.

Aside from having many of the world’s foremost academic institutions, studying in the United States can improve your chances of getting a job upon graduation. However, you won’t have to worry about getting into prestigious universities because the USA has low tuition fees to satisfy the needs of overseas students.

These universities are definitely the go-to options for students who have tight pockets and want their financial expenses to be in a range that they can afford.

A brief about 15 affordable universities in USA

Usually, some colleges are funded by taxpayers, hence, making them some of the most affordable colleges in the US. The top 15 affordable universities in the USA are listed below.


01. The UW (University of Washington)

University of Washington is known for its academic progression and its international effect. UW offers among the cheapest four-year degrees in the country. Thus, it offers a broad array of 55+ undergraduate programs, opening endless opportunities for all the students, whether local or international.

So, it is neither tough nor expensive to pursue this university. Because it offers inexpensive tuition fees and financial support and scholarships. Above all, the estimated yearly cost for residents at UW is roughly $57,642 to $59,037.

02. CUNY Brooklyn College

Hundreds of students have used CUNY as a springboard for achievement since it is a hub for several academic opportunities. Hence, with over 75 courses of study, it also offers many scholarships and federal loan solutions.

If you opt for financial aid, this university can cost you about $24,504 + $602 tuition fee per credit hour. Certainly, CUNY astounds students and urges them to apply for admission without the fear of financial hardships.

03. PU (Purdue University)

PU is the heart of Indiana, which is also referred to as Indiana University. The institution offers credentials for a professional career, which helps students save money.

So, you can take PU for granted for brilliant educational learning and a pinnacle career approach. Although the university offers monetary aid as funding and scholarships, the average annual expense could cost you $45,954.

04. UF (University of Florida)

Nearly 100 undergraduate departments and 200 graduate options are available at UF. Moreover, the training institute at UF is working to increase multiculturalism among its alumni.

In fact, it is a senior university that is brilliantly recognized in the USA. It is also famous for its magnificent infrastructure and unique campus-style.

Furthermore, management, finance, and engineering are the most prominent subjects of interest at UF. In short, its approximate attendance cost is about $21,430 for international students.

05. OSU (Oklahoma State University)

The institution is famous for its veterinarian programs and engineering disciplines. In addition, the OSU also provides a virtual bachelor’s degree in business management, pre-law, healthcare, and engineering at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, its amazing research approach has astonished many students to take admission to the university and grow their educational careers. Thus, according to overall performance on a series of frames regarded as measures of quality, OSU is ranked 187.

In addition, the average cost for overseas students is $40,440, excluding extra expenses, which would cost you $6,751.

06. UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill (University of North Carolina) is one of the major universities which is home to many learners. As a result, it serves nearly 19,000 pupils each year with a high-quality, yet low-cost education.

So, the UNC has a great innovative perspective of teaching as well as provides further ingenious professional development to international students. Moreover, the UNC is dedicated to making education attainable and cheap for all students.

This is obtained through a diversity of objectives, such as monetary help packages. Most importantly, for students, the UNC’s annual expense is roughly $52,908.

07. CSU (California State University, Long Beach)

CSULB is a competitive institution that accepts thousands of candidates from all across the world. This university is yet now one of the leading provincial institutions in the US, thanks to its high ranking.

It is a great university with exceptional diversity. As a result, it establishes a revolution in students’ educational and professional careers. The CSULB strives to maintain student costs as low as possible. Thus, an on-campus total cost of $24,988 for all CSU students.

08. UIC (University of Illinois Chicago)

Every year, the UIC welcomes over 33,000 undergraduate students to its various campuses. So undoubtedly it is a huge contemporary university in Chicago.

For aspiring students to continue their studies, UIC gives a range of economic aid choices. So, it includes scholarships and student-loans. However, the average estimated cost would be approximately $51,704 – $61,292 for foreign students.

09. SUNY (State University of New York)

SUNY has made a name for giving exceptional education in a cost-effective and inclusive manner. Its contemporary style of teaching and learning approach calls overseas candidates to declare themselves as a part of SUNY. As a result, SUNY provides an average cost of attendance at approximately $37,110 for out-of-state students.

10. UVU (Utah Valley University)

The UVU is another top-ranked academic institution amongst the affordable universities in USA. In reality, UVU educates students for prosperity in a world that is becoming complicated, broad, and multicultural.

They help to motivate pupils as often as conceivable for both their personal affairs and professional life. However, if you will study at UVU, it may cost, including other expenses, almost $30,362.

11. UT (University of Texas at Austin)

The UT based in Austin is a world-class institution known for its achievements in academics, entrepreneurship, the humanities, and other fields.

This institution itself is neither demanding nor costly to attend, since it delivers low cost education, financial and incentives. In short, the cost of attendance for overseas (non-US resident) students ranges between $56,868 and $64,534.

12. NMSU (New Mexico State University)

The NMSU is a comprehensive university that provides over 75 core subjects. Indeed, the NMSU is one of the best research institutions. In fact, the NMSU sees academic equity as driving innovation, broadening horizons, and cultivating a desire for knowledge.

Above all, it has five campuses that offer low-cost educational options to a broad range of undergraduates at $15,900.

13. CSU (Central State University)

The University is a leading institution in new innovations and an excellent example in Creative and Visual Arts. Moreover, the CSU is a globally famous elite school and attracts international students accordingly. Hence, following its greatness, the cost of attendance studying in CSU is around $18,714 annually.

14. ASU (Alcorn State University)

ASU embraces the value of education for all individuals through its initiatives. Most importantly, ASU has departments that offer academic courses in over 50 fields.

The cost to study in ASU will surprise you as it is so affordable for students who are tight on the budget. Hence, the program’s cost starts at ASU from $22,594.

15. GSC (Glenville State College)

The unique and supportive approach of GSC makes it exceptional amongst other affordable universities in USA. Its high-quality academic programs and style of teaching are a great necessity for all students. Therefore, the GSC promises to provide outstanding education and guidance on-campus and online.

So, individuals will open doors to higher academic programs at GSC in the USA and beyond. For international students, the annual cost at the university can outlay about $10,808.

Can I get employment in the USA while studying?

Yes, you can work in the USA while you continue your studies. Furthermore, you will need to do it according to the rules set by the university.

  • Foreign students who have the following visas, F-1 and M-1, are only allowed to work within the university campus.
  • Students are prohibited from working off-campus when they are in their first year of education.
  • Students only have permission to work off-campus once they have completed their first year.

Are universities with affordable tuition fees in the USA good for foreign students?

All universities in the USA that give opportunities to foreign students have amazing programs and unique educational styles. It wouldn’t be fair to say their academic quality would be cheap.

Although they are affordable, they still win the hearts of international students and provide an outstanding education. By offering low tuition fees, they aim to support the financial expenses of the students.


Which university in the USA is the cheapest?

Considering the cheapest university, you will get many options. However, the tuition fees would initially start from $10,000 and reach up to the mark of $60,000. But, if you are looking for the lowest tuition fee choices, here are some selected options:

Are there any affordable universities in USA for Indian students?

Yes, not just the USA offers opportunities to Indian students, but for every foreign student who approaches. The universities in the USA are open for all international students and provide them with equal education and career growth.

Are scholarships accessible to international students at American universities?

Yes because, many universities in USA give international students not only monetary help but also exceptional scholarships. They show endless support, which could help students to worry less about their financial expenses and focus more on their educational career.

Here is the list of 8 universities that offer scholarships:

  1. CUNY (CUNY Brooklyn College),
  2. UW (University of Washington),
  3. PU (Purdue University),
  4. UF (University of Florida),
  5. UIC (University of Illinois Chicago),
  6. KSU (Kent State University),
  7. DKU (Duke University), also
  8. UW-Stout (University of Wisconsin-Stout).

Conclusion about affordable universities in USA

One of the most significant impediments for several aspiring undergrads is the expense of university overall cost. However, the above 15 universities should be considered by students who are looking for affordable universities in USA.

Assembling altogether, it is now very convenient and inexpensive considering studying in the USA. Because you get countless opportunities and career paths in the United States.

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