12 Best Affordable Universities in Australia for International Students

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There are many affordable universities in Australia offering variety of courses for the international students. And, admission process is pretty simple. Australia is a hub of High Quality Education. The pleasant climate, wonderful oceans, lively cities attract thousands of students around the globe.

Despite being a slightly daunting experience, studying abroad, including in Australia, can be highly rewarding in terms of education quality and personal development. Now go through the details one by one in the next paragraph.

Low Cost Universities in Australia

1. University of New England

The University of, New England (UNE) is famous because of Amidala city that is in the heart of New South Wales.

The UNE holding a top position in our list of best affordable universities in Australia. Because it could be a first choice for some of the foreign students, who willing to study in Australia.

The UNE is also famous because of its financial support for the students. According to estimates, this university spends more than $18 million dollars on the students and research programs.

There are two major requirements for admission to the University of New England.

  1. Past education and qualifying for the entrance exam at the university.
  2. Prove your English-speaking capabilities by sitting on the IELTS exam or studying at the university’s English language center before commencing your studies.

Hence, comprising approximately 22,500 students, the tuition fee at the university varies for various courses.

2. Charles Darwin University

Comprising approximately 22,083 students, Charles Darwin University is a member of the group of seven innovative research universities in Australia.

Considered among the best and cheap universities in Australia for international students, Charles Darwin University offers many higher education degrees, vocational education, and training courses while entertaining different study options such as part-time, online, and external.

To apply for admission at the university, it is important to meet the minimum academic and English language entry requirements.

The minimum cost for some courses at Charles Darwin University could be $20,440 for business degrees, $18,520 for Education & Arts and $26,000 for the Science & Engineering subjects.

3. Southern Cross University

In fact, the Southern Cross University (SCU) bags high rank in the overall list of affordable universities in Australia. The SCU is having campuses at Lismore, Coffs Harbor (northern New South Wales), Queensland, and the Gold Coast.

Students holding degrees considered equivalent by the Southern Cross University to an Australian bachelor’s degree are eligible for admission at the university. Good command of English language speaking is essential.

The Southern Cross University (SCU) has the fee structure for arts & education $20,560, business subjects $20,560, and $27,760 for engineering or science.

4. University of the Sunshine Coast

At Sunshine Coast, Queensland, the University of the Sunshine Coast is listed among the most affordable universities in Australia.

It is a public university in Australia, having various major study areas including business and information technology, communication and design, health, social sciences, education, humanities, law, and science and engineering. Students are required to have completed 12 years or equivalent of studies or be at least 17 years of age.

The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) charges fees for its some courses:

• $20,600 for business degrees

• $20,600 for arts and education

5. University of Southern Queensland

The University of, Southern Queensland (USQ) established in 1967 and in Toowoomba (Queensland).

Regarded as one of the cheap universities in Australia for international students, the University of Southern Queensland offers courses in various fields, such as engineering, sciences, business, education, health, law, and arts.

As part of the application process, students are required to have education equivalent to 12 Australian levels and to for quality the entry test of the university.

The fees for various courses at the USQ university may around $22,300 for business degrees, $21,920 for arts and education and $25,850 for engineering & science.

6. Charles Sturt University

The list of affordable universities in Australia also includes Charles Sturt University. So, the University of New South Wales has campuses in Queensland, Victoria, and at the Australian Capital Territory.

Offering different Distance Education programs at the bachelor and postgraduate level, Charles Sturt University considers international students meeting its minimum academic and English language requirements as eligible.

The candidates are also required to qualify for the entry test at the university. So, the fee for various courses could be $18,400 for arts & education or $22,800 for business degrees.

7. Victoria University

Victoria University is among the universities in Australia for international students with low tuition fees.

In Victoria, Australia, the university has many campuses in Melbourne Western Region, Melbourne Central Business District, and Sydney.

Comprising several academic colleges and research institutes, Victoria University has one of the best colleges in Australia for international students.

Besides providing higher education and technical and further education, Victoria University also delivers courses internationally in collaboration with its partner institutes in China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

Like most other universities, Victoria University also gives admission to international students only if they meet their minimum academic requirements and qualify for the entry test.

The fees for various courses at Victoria University such as education or arts maybe $20,400, science or engineering $26,400, and $23,600 for business courses.

8. Central Queensland University

In Queensland, Central Queensland University is an Australian dual sector university. It has 6 schools and over 35,000 students.

Having several campuses in Norman Gardens in Rockhampton, and in Melbourne, Sidney, Adelaide, and Brisbane, the university is among the most affordable universities in Australia.

To apply for admission at the university, candidates must have a good academic record and an IELTS score of 6.0 as proof of English language proficiency.

The fee of courses at Central Queensland University for engineering and science faculties could be $30,240, business degrees $23,760 also for the arts and education $21,120.

9. Australian Catholic University

Funded by the public, the Australian Catholic University has several campuses across the country. Affiliated with over 190 universities and educational institutions the world over, the university comprises about 35,000 students.

The entry requirements of the university include:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • Entry test qualification
  • Passport
  • Health insurance
  • Financial affidavit, also
  • Letters of recommendation or written statement.

The fee structure for various courses at Australian Catholic University is:

  • $23,800 for business degrees
  • $21,000 for arts and education

10. Western Sydney University

The Western Sydney University (WSU) of Australia is also very famous among the students around the globe. It is ranked at top 400 universities worldwide. The WSU offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher research programs.

Candidates meeting the particular academic requirements of the university are eligible for admission. They are also required to qualify for the English proficiency test to prove their command of the language.

The Western Sydney University Australia fee could be:

  • $24,280 for business degrees
  • Engineering/science, $28,520, also
  • $22,680 for arts and education

11. IIBIT University

The IIBIT is a reputable university providing over 12 programs, seven bachelor’s degrees, and four master’s degrees. Also, they are having three campuses in Sydney and Adelaide, IIBIT offers a multitude of opportunities for students to get enrolled.

Applicants are required to have the equivalent of 11 years of schooling and to qualify for the entry test of the university.

Regarded as one of the most affordable universities in Australia, IIBIT has the fees structure, $12,950 for business degrees and $12,150 for engineering or science.

12. Asia Pacific International College

Australia’s Asia Pacific International College (APIC) is on the cheapest option for foreign students. In addition, the campuses of APIC are in Sydney and Melbourne.

Applicants are required to qualify for the entry test of the university and have a 6.0 IELTS score as proof of English language proficiency.

The API college in Australia provides cost-effective and affordable learning opportunities to the international students. Therefore, its course fee for the engineering or science may be $14,450 and business subject may cost you around $39,540.

Are universities in Australia affordable for international students?

Australian universities are insanely popular among international students. One reason for the students choosing Australia for studies is it’s economical.

Despite having relatively higher living costs than other countries, Australia attracts thousands of international students every year. Therefore, the university tuition fee in Australia varies depending on the university and the degree you choose. For instance:

  • Arts or education, $21,800
  • $19,920 for business courses, also
  • Engineering/science, $25,560.

Some other options are the University of Canberra, University of Newcastle, and Charles Sturt University.

How do Indian students afford university in Australia?

Australia has been among the top destinations for Indian students, mainly because of its affordability. Various government-funded scholarship offers, part-time job opportunities, and quality education make the country highly popular among young Indians.

Part-time jobs allow the students to bear their living and study expenses, making it easier for them to afford to study in the country.

Some universities in Australia also offer special bursaries and scholarships for international students, including Indians.

Can I get somebody to sponsor my studies in Australia?

The only people who can sponsor your studies at an Australian university are your parents, grandparents, and spouse. Sponsorship by other relatives or friends is not entertained.

However, Australia offers sponsorship visas to international students. Applying for the visa requires you to prove your command of the English language by showing IELTS, TOEFL, or OET certificates.

That said, you are eligible for a sponsorship visa only once you have been hired and your employer has appreciated your working capabilities as an employee.


How do I financially study in Australia?

To live and study in Australia, you might need to spend around AUD1400 to AUD2500 per month to cover all the expenses of study, accommodation, and food. To increase the affordability, you can apply for financial assistance being offered by various universities.

Why should I study in Australia?

Despite being an expensive place to study in, Australia is arguably one of the best countries to choose for studying. Although, some reasons for you to head towards Australia for studies are:
The country has several of the world’s leading universities.
It offers a quality lifestyle with its exotic beauty and moderate weather.
Australia is one of the securest destinations for the international students, also for women, also
It also offers exciting scholarship options for international students.
Certainly, In the Australia, there are a lot of job opportunities for the students.

Can I find tuition-free universities in Australia?

Australia is home to many universities offering tuition-free studies. Besides, having a high-quality education system, these universities demand no tuition fees from the students. So the listed below are some of the tuition-free universities in the country:
University of Melbourne, Parkville
Queensland, Saint Lucia, University
University of Sydney
University of Technology, Brisbane, also
Adelaide University.


Certainly, Australia is a diverse country offering a wide variety of choices regarding education. As a result, the country is a hub for many renowned universities and colleges, with six of them ranking in the world’s top 100 universities list.

Another reason for international students to choose the country for their studies is several affordable universities in Australia. Consequently, providing top-quality education in relatively cheaper rates draws students’ attention from across the world.

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