Uppsala University in Sweden- Best Choice for International Students

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There are many universities in Europe, but Uppsala University in Sweden is the most prominent because its 15 alumni have won the Nobel Prize. If you are looking to study in Sweden as an international student, choosing Uppsala University can be a milestone in your career.

Since recent years, Uppsala University (UU) has been ranking among the top 100 universities globally. Aside from that, being the first university in the Nordic region since 1477, the UU continuously maintains a high standard of education.

Of course, the question arises as to why intelligent international students choose this university all over Sweden? The answer is that Uppsala University has set up a long-term fund for international students, awarded various scholarships.

Important Facts

  • Uppsala University.
  • City Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Public Research University.
  • Established in 1477.
  • Sweden’s 1st educational institute.

Scholarships & Financial aid for international students

Scholarships may be available for fee-paying international students, as well as current Uppsala University students. For example:

  • The UU Global Scholarship
  • Uppsala University President’s Club Scholarship
  • Anders Wall Scholarship
  • The King Carl Gustaf Scholarship

Scholarships for fee-paying students

The Uppsala University awards several scholarships each year to fee-paying international students applying to a Master’s or Bachelor’s program. 

Additionally, fee-paying international students may be able to apply for financial assistance from external organizations. The application systems, deadlines, and criteria for these scholarships differ from those of Uppsala University. Uppsala University does not manage these scholarships. 

Swedish Institute Scholarships

Swedish Institute (SI), an agency of the Swedish government, annually offers scholarships to master’s-level students from various countries studying in Sweden. 

Rotary World Peace Fellowship

The Rotary World Peace Fellowship is available to applicants for the Master of Philosophy in Peace and Conflict Studies.

What does the university offer to international students?

First, Sweden’s Uppsala University is offering 128 master’s programs in English. So the international students can enroll in:

  • Social sciences.
  • Humanities, 
  • Pharmacy,
  • Medicine, Also,
  • Science & technology.

Second, the UU offers four bachelor’s degree programs in English, for instance:

  • Sustainable Development in Industrial Engineering, 
  • Leadership, Quality, and Improvement.

Third, international students can also opt for 750 freestanding courses that are taught in English. Another add-on feature is Uppsala University’s international students exchange program linked with 50 countries’ 500 universities worldwide.

Master’s programs at Uppsala University (English)

Master of Arts (Aesthetic) 120 credits

  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy
  • Ancient History
  • Archaeology
  • Egyptology
  • Gender Studies
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Musicology
  • Cultural Heritage and Sustainability.

Tuition fee for international students

  • Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 50,000.
  • Application fee: SEK 900. Also,
  • Tuition fee, total: SEK 200,000.

Master in Business and Management (English)

Specialization areas:

  • Marketing
  • International Business. Also,
  • Organization


  • Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 50,000.
  • Application fee: SEK 900.
  • Tuition fee, total: SEK 200,000.

Here is a complete list of Master’s programs at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Bachelor’s degree programs at Uppsala University (English)

Bachelor of Arts (180 credits)

  • Game Design and Graphics
  • Programming
  • Game Design and Project Management
  • Energy Transition – Sustainability and Leadership
  • Sustainable Development in Industrial Engineering
  • Leadership – Quality Management – Improvement

Fee for international students

  • Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 55,000.
  • Application fee: SEK 900.
  • Tuition fee, total: SEK 330,000.

Freestanding courses

Most of the freestanding courses at Uppsala University are taught in English. However, those courses are available only for Master’s students or formal exchange students. So, these courses (in English) are listed below:

  • Science and Sustainable Development I & II.
  • Co-Design of Digital Health Innovations
  • Innovation Game
  • Medicine and pharmacy (6 courses). Also,
  • Science and Technology (14 courses)

Here, find all freestanding courses at Uppsala University

Ph.D. at Uppsala University in Sweden

The UU’s Ph.D. degree is equivalent to four years of full-time study. So, you can get Doctoral education in 199 subjects at the university. However, students can achieve a licentiate level degree after completing two years of studies. Uppsala offers Ph.D. studies in three disciplinary areas:

  • Science and Technology.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences. Also,
  • Medicine and Pharmacy.

A candidate must first meet the following qualifications to be considered for enrolment as a doctoral student:

  • Entry requirements
  • English language skills. Also,
  • The ability to manage the program.

Exchange Studies & Students

The UU has exchange agreements with over 400 universities around the world. Moreover, over 700 courses in English are available for exchange students. Hence, Uppsala University requires a formal exchange agreement between your home institution and Uppsala University before you can enroll as an exchange student.

Live & Study in Uppsala

The university has two main study centers, one in Uppsala and another in Visby on Gotland. So, in Uppsala, students have an extraordinary experience. Also, Uppsala offers a wide variety of student organizations, including six student unions, 13 nations, and a wide range of student organizations. 

So, you can engage in meaningful activities, network, and make lifelong friends. You have your workplace on campus while you are a student. So, friends and professionals will be able to meet there, and you’ll be able to network and make connections. 


Is Uppsala University in Sweden free for international students?

The Swedish University in Uppsala used to offer free studies by 2017. Since then, international students have needed to pay tuition and application fees. However, international students are exempt from paying application and tuition fees.
Above all, studying in Uppsala or any public university in Sweden does not cost citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland. 

Is Sweden’s Uppsala University hard to get admission to?

Uppsala University is a place of study for over 50,000 people, a population equivalent to a small town. The university systematically ensures the conditions for its students to be able to study on equal terms.
Hence, UU follows a selective admission policy that takes into account an applicant’s English skills as well as their academic record. 

What is Uppsala University in Sweden famous for?

Many factors make Uppsala University famous. For example, it is prominent for research and high quality of education; 15 Nobel Prize winners belong to this school. Undoubtedly, inverter Anders Celsius was an alumnus, and he is famous for the 100-degree thermometer. Above all, Uppsala University is continuously maintaining top global educational rankings.


If you have a degree from Uppsala University in Sweden, you will be prepared to enter the international job market right away. International students may also take advantage of Uppsala University’s career support services. Hence, a networking event at UU allows you to meet potential employers directly.

In addition, you will be able to meet with a study and career consultant to make sure your studies are aligned with your goals. Therefore, I have furnished a brief about Uppsala University to guide international students studying in Sweden. Above all, for further details about course, programs, admissions, must visit the university’s official website. 

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