Top 10 Advantages of Study in UK-You Must Know

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Of course, England is the first choice for foreign students to pursue higher education. So, if you plan on pursuing a degree abroad, you should know the advantages of study in UK.

Because to broaden your horizons and gain global exposure, you must explore the United Kingdom as a study abroad destination. The education in the UK has become a global benchmark. Thus, during the 201920 year, UK foreign students numbered 538,615; 142,985 were EU students and 395,630 were non-EU students.

So, getting into British universities wouldn’t be so difficult, however, it requires some clear merits to studying in the United Kingdom. Here are top 10 reasons to study in UK for international students, those are making efforts to get into a University or a college there.

1. Excellence in Teaching

UK universities have some of the greatest academic norms in the world. As a result, it enlisted four British Universities in QS World Ranking 2021, as.

So, as a foreign student, you will gain practical and utility-based knowledge from the British educational institutes. Also, you can gain rational and critical thinking skills and innovative abilities.

2- Job & Career scope

In the UK, graduate students can apply to stay for two or three years after graduating (for PhD students, for three years). Students from abroad that study in the UK generally secure employment experience during their courses.

Also, some UK universities provide work placements, and your university might assist you in finding a job. Despite their centuries old education system, they use modern methods to ensure that students are ready for the job market with the best possible preparation.

In the UK, the economy is robust, allowing students to find part-time work, internships, and placements and enhance their skills in that field. A graduate of an accredited school in UK and a student with an undergraduate degree are required. In addition, you must hold a valid visa (Tier-4) while applying for.

3- Get a sense of what student life is like

Like no other country, the UK offers a remarkable student maturity. The UK is a multicultural place made up of many nationalities and cultures.

So, there are endless ways to have fun, learn new things, and make friends when you study in the UK. Hence, you will meet people from other backgrounds, allowing you to learn more about how other people live whilst developing cross-cultural awareness.

4- Chance to travel to Europe

UK is the gateway to Europe as a whole. This means you can travel throughout Europe while studying there. France, Netherlands, and Belgium are among the major European countries with well-established links to the UK. A trip to Europe would be best experience while you are a student in the UK.

With public transportation passes for the countries near the UK, you can visit anywhere you like on the continent. Thus, the different cultures of Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales you can explore by traveling within the United Kingdom.

5- Scholarships

Several financial benefits are available to international students in the UK. Because most UK universities to international students grant scholarships and support based on merit. So, if you are studying in the England it’s easy to support your studies and cost of living.

Furthermore, living in the UK is reasonably priced, regardless of where you live. Thus, international students in the UK can also get financial aid as bursaries, grants, and scholarships

 6. Shorter Studies Duration

Students can put together a course of study based on the subjects that interest them. In Britain, schools offer a wide range of courses, subjects and degree programs. Comparatively, UK students will achieve their MBA degree one year earlier than other countries like USA or Canada.

Studying in the UK brings the benefits of short, flexible courses, allowing you to complete your studies quickly without sacrificing academic growth. The Universities offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and degrees and link your courses to make a degree that suits your requirements and interests.

7. Develop English Skills

Since the UK is the homeland of English, international students can learn the language fluently. In fact, for learning a new language such as English, immersion is imperative. Regardless of what degree you exercise in the United Kingdom, you will improve your English skills alongside your subject expertise.

The UK has such a diverse population, so you’ll also have the chance to hear accents from all over the world, which will give you an experience you won’t get back home. So, there will be a variety of British accents, including English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, all of which may differ by region. 

8. Universities with a reputation

Its revolutionary teaching styles and modern facilities have made British higher education a model around the world for many years. The UK has a high reputation for quality higher education, and it offers a wide range of courses. The UK is world-renowned for its stimulating and creative educational environment.

So, if you are seeking a job in the future, having a UK degree will be a great selling point, no matter where you are located or in what industry. These schools rank among the top international universities and have professionals in a range of academic fields.

9. See the colors of the UK as a student

There is a wide range of great student cities in the UK, from London to Glasgow to Manchester to Nottingham. Indeed, international students can experience English culture and traditions along with visiting museums & art galleries.

You’ll be able to tour centuries-old castles as well as explore scenic landscapes and picturesque towns. In addition, you’ll make new friends from all over the world and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and tastes of the UK with them. 

10. High approval rate of UK student visa

No doubt UK’s student visa approval is very high compare to Canada, USA and other countries. Apply for a UK Student Visa if you intend to take a full-time degree course in the United Kingdom.

Those wishing to apply for Tier-4 Student Visas must live in the UK. An application to Tier 4 is evaluated based on a point system. The UK student Visa provides some extra benefits, including internship opportunities and students’ working options.

Finally, the UK student Visa allow its holders to bring family members there and this is one the amazing advantages of study in UK. In addition, Students and their families can extend or convert their primary visas to other visa categories. 

Is England a better place to study than other countries?

First, goal of every international student is to get a high value degree, employment and immigration, so UK gives these great opportunities to the foreign students. Hence, we know universities in the UK for their high academic standards. The UK has reasonable living and healthcare costs.

UK student visa and student family visa are easier to get than for other countries and that is one of significant advantages to study in UK. Thus, any other country cannot compare to the multicultural atmosphere of the United Kingdom.


Can you get PR in UK after completing studies there?

Yes, it is quite possible to become a permanent resident in the United Kingdom after studying. In fact, UK immigration has already introduced some special immigration routs for the international students.

However, to become a British resident, you will need to show a stable income. Also, your job must be full time and permanent in UK and be law-abiding foreigner.

So, international students need to get ILR visa (indefinite leave to remain) to become PR in UK. It typically takes 5 years to get permanent residency in the UK, depending on which route you apply for.

Can you work in UK after studies?

Generally, once you finish your studies in England, you have 4-month to look for a job there. In addition, students studying the Graduate route will work in the UK and stay for a while.

However, students must have their degrees and staying in UK for work. Furthermore, if you need to work and live in the UK for up to five years, you can apply for a Tier 2 (general) visa.

Any disadvantages to studying in the UK for foreigners?

Obviously, everything has pros and cons so it’s same for studying in United Kingdom. So, a few disadvantages could be:

  • High cost of studies & living as a non-working student.
  • Communication in English may be difficult if you don’t have English ability.  
  • Weather & lifestyle may not suit to some foreign students.
  • Conversely, advantages of study in UK are greater than tiny obstacles.

Having a positive attitude and focusing on the future is therefore another requirement for international students. In fact, international students’ satisfaction rate is very high for the United Kingdom, unlike some European countries.

Final Words on advantages of study in UK

In reality, several of the world’s finest universities are in the United Kingdom. There are four universities in England that rank in the top ten of the world, and it has the second highest number of Nobel Prize winners after the US.

Aside from that, there are great immigration advantages of study in UK for the international students. So, along with highly valuable degree, you have time to get a work permit, permanent residence and ultimately British citizenship. That’s the reason: why UK is better than other countries for study, and settlement.


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